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The Ultimate Gay Adoption Guide

The Ultimate Gay Adoption Guide

What is Gay Adoption?

Gay adoption or LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) is a type of adoption where the child is adopted by a person of a different sexual orientation from the majority. Gay adoption may take the form of a joint adoption by a same-sex couple, an adoption by one partner of a same-sex couple of the other’s biological child (such as a step-parent adoption), or an adoption by a single person who is a lesbian, bisexual, homosexual or a transgender.

Gay adoption is currently legal in 14 countries worldwide as well as in various jurisdictions throughout the world. That being said, gay adoption is; however, prohibited by the majority of countries throughout the world. Although debates in many of these areas take place to allow gay adoption, the overall sentiment of the process is that gay adoption is not desirable and thus should maintain an illegal status.

The primary concern of these jurisdictions or government bodies is the question regarding a same-sex couple’s ability to offer the child stability and good parenting techniques. The matter of gay adoption is typically not specified by law or deemed unconstitutional, so legalizing the process often takes place through judicial review and via judicial opinions.

Objections and Support Associated with Gay Adoption:

In the United States, the issue of gay adoption is a primary issue of active debate. Legislation in the United States regarding gay adoption varies based on state; however, the two parties (those that support gay adoption and those that view gay adoption as an unnecessary practice) maintain similar arguments. With that in mind, there is an overwhelming agreement between the debating sides—the welfare of the child is the most important issue and should dictate policy.

Supporters of gay adoption suggest that the majority of children up for adoption are in need of homes and since parenting techniques or ability is not related to sexual orientation, the law should allow gay adoption to take place. In contrast, opponents to gay adoption suggest that gay adoption will spark a greater probability of depression, promiscuity, drug use and suicide in regards to the parents. Opponents to gay adoption state that these negative instances will obviously adversely affect children in such situations; additionally the absence of a male or female role model could precipitate maladjustment.

Legal Status of Gay Adoption around the World:

Contact an adoption lawyer to review your case.

Full gay adoption (joint adoption by same-sex couples) is currently legal in the following countries:










      South Africa



      United Kingdom: Northern Island is unclear on gay adoption


Gay adoption by same-sex couples is currently legal in the following jurisdictions:

      Western Australia, Australian capital Territory and New South Wales

      Mexico City, Mexico

      United States: Washington D.C., New Jersey, New York, Indiana, Maine, Connecticut, California,

      Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, Vermont, Florida and Guam.