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A brief guide to Louisiana adoptions

Whether you are a single person or part of a couple, if you wish to adopt a minor child there are a number of potential complications you should be aware of. There are four different types of Louisiana adoption which you may consider:

• Private adoptions are arranged between a birth parent and the adopting person or couple. These kinds of Louisiana adoptions will require a contract to be drawn up detailing such issues as how much of the birth parents' expenses must be paid for. For example, the person who will be taking custody may agree to pay for all of their hospital expenses. To ensure that this kind of Louisiana adoption is executed properly, you will probably wish to consult with Louisiana lawyers who can draw up a contract whose language is clear and cannot leave you open to future litigation.

• Public adoptions occur when a single person or couple takes custody of a child that is in the care of child protective services.

• Interagency Louisiana adoptions involve taking custody of a child who has been relinquished by their birth parent to the care of an agency.

• International adoptions involve taking custody of a child from another country. Along with a private Louisiana adoption, this is the most complicated and potentially expensive way to complete this process. You will almost certainly need the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that you are in compliance with the laws of the state, as well as with that of the country from which you are adopting a child.

Regardless of which form of Louisiana adoption you are considering, you cannot initiate this process until you have undergone the "homestudy" procedure. This is a state-administered evaluation of your fitness to be a parent. People who are found to be unfit after this kind of review will not be allowed to execute Louisiana adoptions.

There are many components to this kind of examination. When undertaking this review of your fitness to be eligible for Louisiana adoptions, the state generally will not charge you for any expenses other than making your medical and financial records available. However, you may wish to pay for the expense of a lawyer who can help you understand what to expect. Prior to your request to be allowed to commit a Louisiana adoption, you will be extensively interviewed about your upbringing, expectations as a parent and any other factor which could affect your fitness to take custody of a child.

While these proceedings can be expensive, in some cases you may be eligible for a tax credit. Louisiana adoptions of children deemed to have "special needs" may qualify you for this kind of financial aid. Some types of children who could fall under this category include African-American youth, children with special medical needs and children age eight or older. Since such children often have difficulty finding homes, consider if you are willing to undertake this kind of Louisiana adoption.