Illinois Adoption

Illinois Adoption

Illinois Adoption
Guide to Illinois Adoption
If you are interested in adopting a child in the state of Illinois, understanding the state's adoption laws can make it easier to start the process.  It can take months or years to complete your IL adoption, depending on what route you take toward adoption.  This guide will familiarize you with the Illinois adoption process, requirements for adoptive parents, and the costs of different types of adoption.  You'll also learn how adoptees and birth parents can use the IL adoption registry to find each other.
Applying to Adopt
The first steps toward an Illinois adoption depend on what kind of adoption you are planning to complete.  Private agencies and private adoptions will typically require you to hire an IL adoption attorney before you can complete an adoption.  Starting an Illinois adoption application with the state's foster care system requires you to go through a lengthy licensing process.
The licensing process for IL adoption requires you to have a home study completed, which includes a visit and inspection of your home as well as an interview with anyone in your household.  You will also need to be fingerprinted and examined by a physician to complete the Illinois adoption process.  Training is mandatory for all parents considering IL adoption, to help you understand the transitions you and your child will be going through.
Who Can Adopt?
In the state of Illinois, adoption is available to most potential parents.  Single, married, and divorced people are all allowed to complete the Illinois adoption process.  Whether you have children or not, you can be eligible for an adoption, and both gay and straight people are allowed to adopt children.  IL adoption requirements do include a financial ability to pay for the expenses of a new child.  You must also have room in your house or apartment for your child, and no criminal history involving children.
Is Illinois Adoption Expensive?
The cost of an IL adoption depends in large part on whether you are adopting from the state foster system or from a private agency.  Agency adoptions, whether domestic or international, can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  If you adopt a child through an agency, you may be able to obtain federal tax credits to cover large portions of your adoption expenses.  
Illinois adoption that is completed through the state foster care system is significantly less expensive.  You may pay as little as a few hundred dollars, or even nothing at all if you are adopting a difficult to adopt child.  There are state subsidies available for IL adoption that can cover your medical and other expenses for a disabled child.  These subsidies can continue until a child's 21st birthday and can make sure that your Illinois adoption costs you little or nothing.
Illinois Adoption Registry
Birth parents and adoptees who want to know about each other may wish to use the IL adoption registry.  If both the parent and adoptee sign up for the registry, they will be able to find out information about each other.  However, the Illinois adoption registry will only give information when both parties have consented.




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