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What you need to know about Charities for Children

What you need to know about Charities for Children

What are Charities for Children?
Within the United States of America, a vast array of Charities for Children exist including charities constructed for the provision of the health and wellbeing of children, the disbursement of funding for children, preventative measures with regard to the protection of children, as well as the prevention of both injustices, as well as maladies affecting a large majority of children. Charities for Children in existence in the United States vary in accordance to their respective organization, sources, and funding, which include:
Non-profit Charities for Children
Government-funded Charities for Children
Religious and denominational Charities for Children
Medically-based Charities for Children
Preventative Charities for Children
Charities for the Placement of Children
Publically-funded Charities for Children
Relief-based Charities for Children
Educational Charities for Children
Private, philanthropic Charities for Children
Grant and volunteer-based Charities for Children

What Do Charities for Children Do?
Although Charities for Children can vary with regard to a variety of classifications, foundations classified as charities will typically consist of the following stipulations:
A commitment to communal benefit
A commitment to public interest
Expressed legality with regard to funding, administration, and organization
An absence of restrictions with regard to the individuals targeted
The advancement of humane effort, provision, giving, health, and wellbeing
An absence of corporate fellowship
A legally-approved exemption from taxation

10 Popular Charities for Children
The following Charities for Children are considered to be some of the most prominent on both domestic levels, as well as international levels:

1.Boys’ and Girls’ Club of America
Year of Origin: 1860
Place of Origin: Hartford, Connecticut
Target Market: Boys and Girls between the ages of 6 and 10 years of age
Mission Statement:The provision of support and resources for the growth and development of the youth of the community

2. Planned Parenthood
Year of Origin: 1916
Place of Origin: Brooklyn, New York
Target Market: Child Health Services
Mission Statement: The provision of assistance and resources with regard to the proliferation of reproductive health

3. Family Care International
Year of Origin: 1986
Place of Origin: New York, New York
Target Market: Families and Children in Need
Mission Statement:The provision of resources and assistance with regard to the substantiation of family and children in need

4. Ronald McDonalds House
Year of Origin:
Place of Origin:
Target Market:
Mission Statement:

5. Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute
Year of Origin: 2001
Place of Origin: Washington, D.C.
Target Market: Prospective Parents and Children
Mission Statement: The provision of information committed to raising awareness with regard to the stasis of both domestic, as well as international adoption

6. Save the Children
Year of Origin: 1919
Place of Origin: United Kingdom
Target Market: International Children
Mission Statement: The provision of support, relief, and aid for children in need

Year of Origin: 1946
Place of Origin: Sponsored by the United Nations
Target Market: Children in Need
Mission Statement: The provision of aid, relief, and healthcare to children in need – oftentimes in emergency situations and circumstances