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California Adoption

A Quick Guide to California Adoption 

California Adoption Laws

There are several sections of California Family Code that set guidelines for different kinds of adoptions.  Part 2 of Division 13 covers the adoption of unmarried minors, and Part 3 covers the adoptions of adults and married minors.  

California Adoption Requirements and Eligibility Factors

In the state of California, adoptions can occur if the adopting part is as young as 18 years old and show evidence of a safe home and good finances.  The petitioner must usually be at least 10 years older than the child or adult being adopted, but married couples have the most preference within the state of California.  

If the person trying to file a California adoption has a criminal background, has shown evidence of abuse or violence in the past, does not meet eligibility requirements from a home study from a social worker, does not show evidence of being financial stable, or more, they cannot normally petition for a California adoption.  

California Adoption Process

California adoptions occur the most frequently within married relationships, but the state gives no preference to domestic partnerships or single parents.  Additionally, you do not need a home as long as you can prove you are economically stable.  

There are several different steps for an independent California adoption and California adoptions that go through an agency.  If you are adopting independently, you will have to follow the steps listed below: 

• unless California adoptions are interstate, the adopting parents usually won’t need to go through a home study and the birth mother will personally select the legal parents

• the birthing parent will sign the Adoption Placement Agreement several days after the birth of the child, and this agreement becomes permanent after 30 days

• if the mother decides to keep the child within 30 days, she can cancel the agreement, but she can also waive the 30 waiting period if she wishes to go through with the California adoption immediately

If you need legal advice and assistance, contact California lawyers.

Steps for a California adoption through a certified agency under the state: 

• the parent or individual will file a petition in order to try and adopt the child 

• an approved agency will conduct a home study while involves the parents being fingerprinted, providing letters of reference, proof of marriage if married, a complete health and social history review, and a proof being able to provide a safe and loving home for the child

• California adoptions require the birth parents to sign a relinquishment and the child is placed in the home

• For six months, the agency will supervise the placement and then write the court stating whether the California adoption should be finalized or not

If considering California adoptions, parent or a single parent should always consider the economic factors.  They should account for expenses associated with taking care of the child, and the fees associated with an independent adoptions or one through an agency.  The home study fees can cost $4,500 dollars alone, and with all other associated fees, a California adoption can cost as much as $35,000.