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Mississippi Adoption


Quick Guide to Mississippi Adoptions

Mississippi Adoption Laws

The majority of Mississippi law on adoption is located under Chapter 17 of Title 93 of the state’s annotated code.  Conclusive and thorough information concerning the majority of laws and procedure about Mississippi adoptions within this article is referenced from the official website of the MS Department of Human Services.

Who can Qualify for Mississippi Adoptions?

According to the state’s DHS, a large percentage of citizens within the state can qualify as adopting parents.  A person has to meet the following qualifications to legally adopt in MS: 

• single persons or married couples who have been married for at least two years

• applicants over the age of 21 years

• families and individuals who can provide income and insurance to meet the needs of the child

• individuals or couples who are emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically fit to raise children

It is important to note that Mississippi adoption is prohibited for same gender couples.  The state of Mississippi is one of only two states in the United States that prohibits adoptions between couples of the same gender.  

Steps for Mississippi Adoptions

A Mississippi adoption can become extremely complex if paternity rights become involved in the case of the birthmother alternates between her ultimate decisions.  Parents or an individual are always encouraged to hire an attorney at the beginning of an adoptions within the state of MS.  

Step 1 Contact the Department of Human Services

In order to contact the DHS about adoptions specifically, you can call the adoption hotline at (800) 821-9157 in order to obtain more information about the specific type of adoption and about the application.  

Step 2 Look Over and Complete the Application

Once you fill out and submit the application, the DHS will review your eligibility requirements for the Mississippi adoption and you may be placed on a waiting list.  

Step 3 Complete Training Sessions

Once the application is approved for Mississippi adoptions, a couple or individual will have to attend up to five weekly training session to enhance their knowledge of the adoption process, child development, and how to responsibly handle certain kinds of behavior.  These meetings are extremely important and provide the adopting party will valuable information.  

Step 4 Undergo the Home Study

The family or individual within the Mississippi adoption process will then have to go through several interviews with a social worker.  The social workers will help the DHS determine if the adopting party is truly ready for adoption.  

Step 5 Placement

The first visits within Mississippi adoptions will only last a short while, but the visits will eventually extend to overnight and then arrangement for permanent placements will be made.  

Step 6 Post Placement

After the child is placed in the home, a social worker will visit a couple more time to help the parent(s) and child adjust to the adoption.  These visits usually last 6 months until the adoption is finalized and accepted within a court.