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Understanding Minnesota Adoption

Are you interested in becoming an adoptive parent in the state of Minnesota? If so, there are a few things you need to know about MN adoption.

The Legal Parent/Child Relationship

There are actually four basic types of Minnesota adoption:

1. Birth Parent MN Adoption

2. MN Adoption Outside the U.S.

3. Stepparent MN Adoption

4. Guardianship MN Adoption

When it comes to birth parent adoption, know that a process by which these Minnesota adoptions take place requires an application filed with the court to put the child(ren) up for adoption with the consent of the birth parent(s).

All the appropriate paperwork is required, and the child is then placed at a child placement agency until a suitable adoptive parent receives a file of the child and then takes the appropriate steps.

As for Minnesota adoptions outside the U.S., the same applies – only these children are from foreign countries. Typically all rights are completely waived in the case of these children, but these children would be “wards” of the state held by the appropriate child placement agencies for adoption.

Again, though, with the appropriate paperwork, an adoptive parent can file an application for a child outside the U.S., and the process by which Minnesota adoption takes place ensues.

Furthermore, typical stepparent Minnesota adoption requires the use of the law and filing a motion to adopt. Generally speaking, birth parents holding legal rights and/or physical rights simply have to agree to consent to waive rights to stepparents filing for those Minnesota adoptions.

In certain cases involving Minnesota adoptions….

1. Abandonment

2. Lack of Support

3. Evidence of Child Abuse

And other rather negative aspects of the birth parent(s), sometimes it can be deliberated in court that stepparent Minnesota adoptions must be allowed even without the consent of the birth parents.

Typically, the same would go for guardianship, which overlaps into basic Guardianship Law. Any interested person filing the appropriate petition for adoption – non-relative – can receive those legal and physical rights of adoption through guardianship. Hiring a skilled adoption attorney would be a necessary step.

In Minnesota, Post-Adoption Support Is Available

The Minnesota Department of Human Services does fund a program called HELP. It’s available through the Minnesota Adoption Resources Network and is designed to cover several benefits, such as:

1. Statewide Therapeutic Referrals

2. Full-Time Clinical Specialist Availability

3. Individual Education Program Assistance

4. Professional Guidance and Support

5. Crisis Minimization

What Happens to Adoptive Children Under State Guardianship

Typically, what happens is the court will terminate parental rights, effectively sending these adoptive children into foster care under the guardianship of the state.

Once that has happened, these children are actually qualified to be adopted by just about anyone. It’s the responsibility of the county social service agency to care for the child until adoption in Minnesota has begun with a potential adoptive parent.

A Big Decision

Adoption Law is a highly specialized field of law, so before you get into that legal realm, know your rights, know what you have to do, and why. Everything you say and do will be examined in an application for adoption. Having Minnesota lawyers will help.