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West Virginia Adoptions

There are generally three ways a West Virginia adoption usually occurs: privately, through the WV Department of Health and Human Resources, or through a national program.  Each type of West Virginia adoption is discussed within this article.  

If you are thinking about a West Virginia adoption, you are advised and sometimes required to hire an WV adoption attorney (especially if you are seeking a private adoption).  West Virginia adoptions are sometimes stressful and complex, and although some adoptions remain simple, it’s still a good idea to hire an attorney.  

Laws for West Virginia Adoptions

Most laws for a WV adoption are located in §48-22 through §48-23 of the state’s revised code.  §48-22-301 provides the general eligibility factors for a WV adoption.  The code states “Any person not married or any person, with his or her spouse’s consent, or any husband and wife jointly, may petition at a circuit court of the county” for a West Virginia adoption.

So, according to §48-22-301, no preference is given to race, religion, income (in some cases), sexual orientation, gender, or relationship status in West Virginia adoptions.  The state is always anxious to have qualified individuals apply for West Virginia adoptions, and several different types of WV adoption are explained below.

Different Types of WV Adoption

Children are usually placed by the court or an agency in a WV adoption, but in some cases, a private adoption may occur.  If West Virginia adoptions go through the state, a private agency of the DHHS will assist with future parent(s) choosing a child, and all three types of WV adoption are further explained below:

Private Adoption

Private West Virginia adoptions between birthmothers and the adopting parents require the assistance of family West Virginia lawyers, and this type of adoption is still common within the state.  A private West Virginia adoption can become complicated if a birthmother hands over her parental rights but then decides to keep the child.

In any case, a private WV adoption will still need the approval of the court after investigation from a social service professional.  If couples are thinking of a private adoption, they need to consult with an adoption attorney before anything.  

Adoptions through the DHHS

If you want to petition for a West Virginia adoption through the DHHS, you’ll usually adopt a child who needs counseling and other services because of experiences they had in a former home or environment.  Some of the services offered by the DHHS are for foster children, but a West Virginia adoption is an option in many cases. 

Federal Program

One of the most successful federal programs for foster children is the AdoptUSKids found at the following link

In order to adopt through this program, you’ll have to fill out an application and complete pre-service training.  You’ll find more information on these requirements in the link above.   

Regardless of the type of WV adoption, a future parent will have to complete pre-service training, undergo multiple home studies, and show evidence of being able to provide a safe and structured home for a future child.  If you have any questions about West Virginia adoptions, you can find more information on this website, click on any of the links provided above, or ask a West Virginia adoption attorney.