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Wisconsin Adoption


Learning About Wisconsin Adoption


The law in our country does provide for a lot of benefits. Possibilities. Events that wouldn’t normally happen otherwise.


This is especially the case for adoption law. Not just any adoption law, though, in the country. Particularly for residents living in Wisconsin, it’s important to understand that there are resources out there when considering WI adoption.


Three Things to Keep in Mind When Considering Wisconsin Adoption


You have a place to start when considering Wisconsin adoption, even before going on the hunt for a family attorney specializing in this specific legal niche:


1. The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families


2. The Wisconsin State Legislature


3. The Child Welfare Information Gateway


Obviously, Wisconsin adoption is a serious issue, and the state takes it seriously. So we’ll start with….


The Wisconsin Department of Children and Families


Thankfully, you can find a lot of helpful information in terms of WI adoption procedures and laws. An in-depth look at the actual Wisconsin adoption process is the place to start.


1. Appropriate Adoption Services


2. Child Placing Agencies


3. Division of Safety and Permanence


Simply contact the appropriate WI adoption service who will then work with a specific child placing agency. The Division of Safety and Permanence would conduct home studies for potential adopting parents, and the process moves forward with a petition to the family court.


What About the Wisconsin State Legislature?


It’s a great resource for learning all the statutes for WI adoption – all statutes from 48.40 to 48.975. The knowledge is all there, easy to find – but you may need the professionalism of a quality family attorney to explain all that the WI adoption law entails.


You won’t find anything else, though, that is as comprehensive about Wisconsin adoptions as this.


The Child Welfare Information Gateway


Expect great information on the requirements for Wisconsin adoptions, such as how a stepparent can adopt a child when the birth parent has become deceased or the court has terminated those parental rights of the birth parent.


All other types of Wisconsin adoptions – non-stepparent – require either the rights of both birth parents transferring over due to death of both birth parents, or a voluntary or involuntary court action.


All Wisconsin adoptions also require what’s called a home study, which is essentially a “screening” to determine the quality of life as it’s measured to the needs of the prospective adopted child. In general, the birth parents – if consenting to the adoption – also have a great say in who gets to adopt the child, hence the reason for the screening.


The purpose for child placing agencies is the need for a home for certain kinds of children:


1. Special Care Needs Children

2. Minority Children

3. Sibling Groups

4. At-Risk Children


This is part of Juvenile Adjudication under laws for Wisconsin adoptions. Child-placing agencies protect these children, but are also available for adoption provided that any prospective adoptive parents fulfill the satisfactory requirements for the process.


There’s Always Help


All it takes is checking with the right resources, hiring an attorney, and getting the child a home. That’s the nature of adoption.