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Tennessee Adoption


The Department of Children’s Services in Tennessee will facilitate Tennessee adoptions and fostering arrangements in the state.  Though you are likely to work with an adoption agency for the Tennessee adoption, you will also work with the DCS on taking the necessary courses and meeting other requirements to be determined eligible and suitable for an adoption agreement.

Can I choose a particular child for TN adoption?

Since there are listings to show prospective parents the children that are available, adoptive parents may work with that child’s social worker to facilitate the adoption of the child.  The social worker will determine if the child is well served in that home and if their needs will be met.  Consideration for Tennessee adoption will be based on home study of the environment the child will be introduced to and the completion of the requirements for a Tennessee adoption set by the DCS.  

The process for consideration for a TN adoption

You will contact the DCS to being the Tennessee adoption process.  Before you are assigned or choose a child, you will demonstrate your suitability to be an adoptive parent.  The state of Tennessee mandates a parent preparation process called “PATH” (Parents as Tender Healers) which is both self-assessment and education which is necessary in adoption cases.  As children from adoptions tend to be emotional fragile or needing special care when dealing with grief and other matters, parents will have to complete 30 hours of PATH in order to have consideration for Tennessee adoption.

Viewing children for TN adoption

You will be able to view children for guardianship and TN adoption at this url: https://www.adoptuskids.org/states/tn/index.aspx.  This site is used by a number of states to show a photo listing of children in the system and you will be able to make arrangements to discuss the Tennessee adoption of any of these children,  note the identification of the child when calling about an inquiry and requesting to be connect to the social worker.

What is a TN adoption plan?

If the biological parents of the child to de subject to the TN adoption are still alive, they may formulate an adoption plan that retains some rights to visit their child, regain custody, or otherwise play meaningful roles in the child’s life.  Be aware of this when making the decision to adopt a particular child.  You might need to retain an attorney to examine the TN adoption plan, figure out if the rights of the biological parents can be terminated and otherwise protect your custody.  Some parents will lose their custody and parental rights due to abuse and neglect and the children will be subject to Tennessee adoptions.

How do I contact DCS to begin the Tennessee adoptions process?

You will contact the DCS directly at 1-877-DCSKids for inquires and other information about becoming an adoptive parent and Tennessee adoptions.  Though DCS deals with fostering and group homes, the priority will be to find Tennessee adoption for permanent arrangements.  Special needs children are also a priority for Tennessee adoptions.  Following the process and having necessary paperwork completed is essential for the success of the Tennessee adoptions arrangement.  There are no shortcuts to the Tennessee adoptions process, so you will work with the adoption agency to ensure that the adoptions process is in compliance with the Tennessee law.