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Quick Guide to UT Adoption 

Utah Adoptions

There are generally three ways Utah adoptions usually occur: privately, through the Department of Human Services, or through a national program.  Each type of Utah adoption is discussed within this article.  

If you are thinking about a Utah adoption, you are usually advised to hire an adoption attorney (especially if you are seeking a private adoption).  The UT adoption process is highly complex, and although some Utah adoptions remain simple, it’s still a good idea to hire an attorney.  

Am I eligible for a UT Adoption? 

The Utah adoption requirements are very strict, and §78B-6-117(3), A child may not be adopted by a person who is cohabiting in a relationship that is not a legally valid and binding marriage under the Utah law.  According to Section 3, same sex couples cannot register for UT adoption.  Additionally, a Utah adoption cannot occur in any of the following circumstances: 

• the married couple has already applied for another Utah adoption, are willing to adopt that child, and the placement of the child is appropriate

• the child is placed with a relative, and another UT adoption would have a negative impact on the child’s interests

• the child has been placed with someone who has already developed a substantial relationship with the child and another UT adoption would affect the stability already achieved

• the child is placed in another UT adoption which was selected by the birthparent 

• certain Utah adoptions would infringe on the best interest of the child

Different Types of Utah Adoptions

As mentioned above, a Utah adoption can occur privately, through the DHS, or through a federal program for foster children.  Each type of Utah adoption is discussed below: 

Private UT Adoption

Private Utah adoptions between birthmothers and the adopting parents are not specifically addressed within the state code, but this type of adoption is still common within the state.  Private Utah adoptions can become complicated if a birthmother hands over her parental rights but then decides to keep the child.  These Utah adoption cases can become even more complicated if paternal rights delay or even restrict the process.  

In any case, a private Utah adoption will still need the approval of the court after investigation from a social service professional.  If couples are thinking of a private Utah adoption, they need to consult with an adoption attorney before anything.  

Utah Adoptions through the Department of Human Services

If you want to petition for Utah adoptions through the DHS, you’ll have to find your local office.  You can find a map for all DHS offices in the state at the link provided

You’ll also find a large amount of information about the process and forms you’ll need for a Utah adoption through the DHS by searching through the website provided above.   

Federal Program

One of the most successful federal programs for foster children is the AdoptUSKids.

In order to adopt through this program, you’ll have to fill out an application and complete pre-service training.  You’ll find more information on these requirements in the link above.