Nevada Adoption

Nevada Adoption

Nevada Adoption
Quick Guide to NV Adoption 
Nevada Adoption Laws
The majority of Nevada adoption laws are located in Chapter 127 of the state’s revised statutes.  Nevada adoptions follow these statutes closely, and a complete listing of all laws under Chapter 127 can be found at the following link
The majority of information about Nevada adoptions in this article is referenced from the following guide under the Division of Child and Family Services: Link
The two resources listed above are the best resources for a NV adoption, and you should be able to expand on the information within this article with the resources above.  
Who is Eligible for Nevada Adoptions?
According to the Division of Child and Family Services, almost anyone can qualify for a Nevada adoption.  Of course, those with criminal backgrounds, weak financial history, or a history of abuse will not qualify for NV adoption.  However, eligibility factors for Nevada adoptions are otherwise lenient: 
people of any race
people of any religion
those who work outside the home
individuals or families who rent or own their homes
people with high or low incomes
families of individuals with or without children
anyone over 21, except the person applying for Nevada adoptions must be at least 10 years older than the person being adopted
married or single people, but a spouse must agree to the Nevada adoption
As indicated above, almost anyone can qualify for an NV adoption, and the state is in huge need of applicants.  The next section will provide simple steps for Nevada adoptions. 
Basic Steps for NV Adoption
If you are thinking about a Nevada adoption, you’ll have to undergo multiple steps along the way, and even though some of these steps for a NV adoption seem simple, many of these steps can become complicated—even with the help of an agency.  Basic steps for Nevada adoptions are listed below: 
attendance and completion of foster/adoptive parent preparation classes
completion of the home study before qualifying for Nevada adoption rights
referral and selection of a family and particular child through the Nevada adoption matching process
visitation and placement of the child with the new family
a minimum of six months of post-placement supervision from NV adoption agency and support services
court finalization of the Nevada adoption after clearance from the support services
Do I need to go through an agency for Nevada adoptions? 
Future parents do not need to go through an agency for an NV adoption, but the state encourages future parents to go through an agency to avoid conflict of interest between the blood parents and the adopting parents.  
Open Nevada adoptions don’t necessarily require future parents to go through an agency, but traditional adoptions, semi-traditional adoptions, and semi-open adoptions all require some degree of services from the Nevada adoption agency.  
For a list of all state and private NV adoption services and agencies, regard pages 21 and onward in the report under the Division of Child and Family Services.  




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